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Které auto se Vám nejvíce líbí od Brothyho

VW Touran 41% (50)
Škoda fabia combi II. 18.9% (23)
Škoda Fabia 4.9% (6)
Peugeot 207 7.4% (9)
Mazda 3 4.9% (6)
Audi TT 5.7% (7)
Opel Corsa 6.6% (8)
VW Golf 10.7% (13)


1 brothy brothy | E-mail | 21. září 2007 v 19:04 | Reagovat

dik zes to sem dal

2 Luke Luke | E-mail | Web | 22. září 2007 v 15:36 | Reagovat

neni zac :D

3 brothy brothy | E-mail | 2. října 2007 v 15:42 | Reagovat

omlouvam se ale ted budu mi malou pausu protoze mam malou pamnet na pc atak jsem to musel promazat

4 brothy brothy | E-mail | 2. října 2007 v 15:42 | Reagovat

omlouvam se ale ted budu mit

malou pausu protoze mam malou pamnet na pc atak jsem to musel promazat

5 brothy brothy | 10. ledna 2008 v 16:33 | Reagovat

kdeje ta mazda3

6 SeeYou SeeYou | E-mail | 27. dubna 2008 v 23:18 | Reagovat

Zdravím. Docela ujde;-) Akorát mám poznámku k údajnému Peugeotu 207. Jsem si 100% jistý, že se jedná o model 307.

7 brothy brothy | 15. července 2008 v 10:16 | Reagovat

nwm na psali 207

8 Petkus Petkus | E-mail | 2. října 2008 v 14:26 | Reagovat

No,tak tvoje auta nejsou zrovna...Prostě jsou strašně ošklivý,to je všechno..

9 deny deny | E-mail | Web | 26. listopadu 2008 v 20:32 | Reagovat

Petkus____ tak ukaz svoje prace jestli vubec delas vt a neurazej dalsi

10 coby design coby design | 1. srpna 2009 v 17:37 | Reagovat

ja taky delam vt a todle jsem jeste nikdy nevidel neco tak.... proste oskliviho u toho golfa co to je za kola atd. u ty corsy co to ma byt ta seedacka nebo co ??????????????

11 Mirek Mirek | E-mail | Web | 19. června 2012 v 15:57 | Reagovat


12 Danielknory Danielknory | E-mail | Web | 12. června 2017 v 16:41 | Reagovat

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13 WilliamOmign WilliamOmign | E-mail | Web | 22. června 2017 v 9:05 | Reagovat

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"It is possible to make a lot of money off of this in case you do things the right way," stated Chad Mureta, who had no knowledge while in the industry before founding three cellular software corporations, this includes Empire Applications .
Although having the idea is paramount, Mikka Olsson, co-founder of your application progression firm Ebbex, says a lot of other succeed, from pattern to marketing, is necessary for it to be a productive venture.
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Researching the competition is another crucial step, and can determine what other applications during the house are doing right and wrong, application developer Mike Rundle says. He encourages those wanting to launch their possess application to spend time composing down the exact functions they really feel they want it to have.
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Once the idea is flushed out, the application is often designed. Unlike web-sites, which may possibly be created even by those with minor technical go through, cell applications take both of those coding knowledge and software improvement proficiency. Since several have that expertise at hand, most application creators turn to an outside the house developer, which could be either a vast firm or an individual freelancer.
The amount could run from $1,000 to $1 million, according to Mureta, noting it all is dependent on what the app's creator is trying to accomplish.
He believes a lack of technical knowledge is really an advantage for creators.
"It is actually improved should you aren't a coder," Mureta reported. "You aren't stuck coding all on the time and you're a great deal more focused on generating the application."
Mureta is proof that someone can launch an application with no undergo and come out ahead. The California developer came up with the idea for his earliest application, Fingerprint Security Pro, at the same time inside of the hospital recovering from the devastating car accident. He spent less than $2,000 making it, then raked in close to $700,000 in profits.
The for starters step in having it make money is to begin selling it to consumers. For Apple units. all applications are sold through iTunes, even though Android applications tend to be sold in several different outlets, which includes Google Participate in and Amazon.
For apple iphone or iPad applications, application creators must register with Apple for $99 a 12 months. Apple's terms make it easy for the corporation to acquire 30 percent of an app's profit, with the creator taking on the remaining 70 percent. Both equally Google and Amazon have similar terms.
"Just putting it on iTunes isn't going to allow it to be successful, though," Olsson stated.
Olsson advises application creators to treat an application launch just like establishing any other organization.
That would mean spending time researching price points, developing a PR strategy and setting aside a marketing and advertising budget .
"You should have to produce awareness," Acuña explained. "You may need to get it in front of people."
That kind of commitment also presents opportunities to build other applications later.
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Whilst the top applications inside Apple retail outlet are making in excess of $50,000 a working day, Rundle explained there's a steep fall-off from there, with the vast majority taking in far less.
The good thing about the application marketplace is usually that consumers worldwide are demanding them, Mureta says.
"I was making money from countries I didn't even know ended up countries," he says. "That was a pretty amazing feeling."
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15 RufusHic RufusHic | E-mail | 27. listopadu 2017 v 23:32 | Reagovat

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And Bye.

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